Using e-mail messages with your own personal domain is more convenient and it'll provide you with more trustworthiness as a company in case you communicate with business partners. Such an email address will also look much better when some visitor on your site contacts you using a reviews form and you want to answer. How user-friendly it is to manage your e-mail correspondence is usually as essential as the quality of the service, since some website hosting Control Panels make it quite challenging and time-consuming to handle basic tasks such as providing anti-spam security or forwarding your e-mail messages. That is why, you should employ an email service that will enable you to access everything easily and which will make the handling of your e-mail messages fast and easy.
Advanced E-mail Manager in Cloud Website Hosting
With the state-of-the-art Email Manager tool that you'll get as a part of our custom-built Hepsia Control Panel in case you buy a cloud website hosting plan, you will handily have all of the e-mail features that you may ever require in one location and only several clicks away. Once you access the tool, you can see all the mailboxes that you have for your domain names and if any of them is a catch-all one or it has forwarding or anti-spam protection. These features are enabled and disabled as effortlessly as clicking a button. Advanced features, for example adding SPF protection, are available via fast access buttons and right-click popup menus. You may also gain access to the webmail for any mailbox or download an auto-setup file for Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail from the same section. The Email Manager is intuitive enough to be employed by users with little or no practical experience and it features numerous exhaustive help articles. In addition, it offers attributes for advanced users as well and it will save you time and efforts even for more complex tasks.
Advanced E-mail Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting
When you have a semi-dedicated server through our company, you can generate a large number of mailboxes with any domain name that you host in the account and manage them without difficulty by using the feature-rich Email Manager, which is a part of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. With only 2 mouse-clicks you'll be able to set a particular mailbox to become a catch-all one, enable anti-spam protection and / or forward all the incoming e-mails from one email address to an alternative one. For more experienced users, there're SPF Protection and Mailing Lists tabs as well. When you use the Email Manager, you can also access the webmail for any mailbox, by just clicking on it or you could download auto-setup files for Apple Mail, Outlook or other widely used email apps for PCs. If you do not have much experience, extensive help articles will provide you with additional info about each and every function of the Email Manager even though the tool is very intuitive to use.