Any time you purchase a brand new cloud website hosting, it is generated on a server and the entire process normally takes a while, including the verification and processing of your transaction, which most companies execute manually. When you acquire a dedicated server, for example, the installation takes even longer because the unit must be assembled, set up and tested in order to make sure that it will work effectively. This is the reason why a lot of suppliers have a one-time cost to cover the time and efforts devoted to your new account. The cost, which can sometimes be quite high, is generally not displayed on the front page, and you'll notice it on the checkout or payment page, so you will not be familiar with it before you have already completed the entire registration process and you can even overlook it if you don't pay close attention.
Setup Fee in Cloud Website Hosting
When you get a cloud website hosting plan through us, the end price that you'll need to pay during the checkout is exactly the same as the price you have already seen on the home page and on every other page on our website. The processing of the payment as well as the account generation on our powerful cloud hosting system are close to completely automatic, that's why we consider that charging you any kind of installation fees whatsoever will be rather unreasonable. Even when you obtain a couple of accounts at one time, you will not be required to spend any money for the setup or for any other hidden costs for that matter. It is our concept that being honest with every single client from the very beginning is way more beneficial than acquiring a few extra dollars.
Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated server packages are activated straight away and without any additional setup fees. The price that you will pay when signing up is identical to what you'll pay to renew your account the following months and the cost that you can see both on our home page & on your bank statement. If you already have a standard shared web hosting plan with our company and you're getting a semi-dedicated server in order to get additional power, we will transfer all your content and we will still not charge you anything on top of the regular monthly cost for the brand new package. Since the process is almost entirely automated, we consider that that there is no reason to charge you an extra amount of money, consequently the price that you'll see on the site is all that you need to pay.
Setup Fee in VPS Web Hosting
Our virtual private server packages don't have installation fees as well as any concealed charges of any sort. When you buy such a package, we will assemble your server, install its OS, web server software, MySQL, etc., and we shall supply you with a fully functional device at no additional expenses. All you'll have to pay will be the regular monthly cost for the plan you've picked and that cost will be the same for the subsequent months too. It is our belief that charging you more money for a procedure that is almost totally automated is very unreasonable, that's why the amount you can find on our front page is the same as the one that will show up on your bank statement. This is valid regardless if we move one or several websites from a shared hosting account to your new virtual server.
Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers Hosting
With a dedicated server bought from our company, you'll never see any hidden fees and you'll never have to pay any installation costs. The price of the plan you have chosen is displayed on our website and it is the sole price that you'll see on both the order and the payment pages. We consider that getting a new customer and developing a long-term partnership is more beneficial than charging you some extra dollars, therefore we'll assemble your machine, install all the necessary software and test it completely cost-free. We'll even move your information cost-free in case you already own a shared website hosting plan from our company and you would like to migrate to a dedicated server that is obtained with the Hepsia hosting Control Panel.