While working with email messages is a simple and easy action, managing the email accounts for your website might be a challenging task. If you don’t have a time and effort saving user interface, just like Ants Partner Cloud Web Hosting’s E Mail Manager allowing you to get the job done. It arrives with a considerable amount of built–in helpful tools that can assist you carry out advanced tasks in just a few mouse–clicks. Look at exactly what the E Mail Manager is capable of doing to suit your needs!

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam is going to be driven out of your respective mailboxes

We have made a custom–made anti–spam solution that makes use of adequately configured methods to narrow the inbound messages. Depending on what sort of spam messages you get, you can actually control the levels of defense. Having said that, be careful with the high level of defense, given it might possibly filter important messages. Additionally, you can state a distinct degree of spam protection for each mailbox you have.

All of the junk messages could be either erased or forwarded to a particular mailbox. You’ll be able to select which setup you want from the anti–spam protection tool’s software.

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Email Forwarding

1–click re–direction of e–mails

By using the Email forwarding tool, it is possible to redirect all of the e–mails addressed at a mailbox to an alternative mailbox of your choosing (either hosted inside the same website hosting account or some other place online).

To forward an email, simply choose it from the drop–down list and then specify the email address that you want all delivered messages to be delivered to. And then, you’re provided with the opportunity to select whether you’d like a copy of every message to be held in the mailbox which you forward or not.

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Email Filters

Arrange your e–mail accounts easily

In case you get lots of emails each and every day, it is essential to have them structured. That is why we provide server–side email filters that come into action even before you look at your mailbox for new mail messages. So, when you configure your unique spam filters, you will never discover spam in your mailbox!

Setting up brand new email filters is very simple and easy. You’ll need to define what the filter needs to seek out, the spot that the filter actively seeks it (subject, body, etc.) and what happens to the filtered e–mail messages.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys and then SPF (Sender Policy Framework) security for your mailbox

Safety is truly one of our prime priorities. And this includes your e–mails. All mailboxes are guarded automatically by DomainKeys, a service also employed by AOL, Yahoo and Google. It offers an easy solution to connect the sender’s web address with the email message.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protection is a service which applies to all of the email accounts under a specific domain name. It will serve to forestall ’email forging’ – the act of transmitting emails out of a mailbox not made within your hosting server.

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Email Auto–Configure Solution

Create a mailbox on your PC in a click of the mouse

When you log into email from your laptop or desktop machine, it is likely that you make use of an email client. To save you the trouble of needing to manually add each and every next email account to your mail client, we’ve added clever ’auto–configure’ files. Just download the file and open it with your mail app – this will quickly configure your a mailbox inside your favorite desktop client.

We have got auto–configure files for: Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook and also Outlook Express.

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Seen on any system, at any place

In the event you don’t have the option to access an e–mail client, it’s easy to access your email via our webmail client – Roundcube. There’s only one website URL you should remember, and you can visit it using any kind of web–connected device anywhere in the world!

You may also directly sign in through your Website Control Panel, while not having to type in any e–mail logon info.

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