We’ve integrated a group of Web Applications within your Website Control Panel to enable you to easily promote your sites on the Internet. Our sitemap generation tool will enable you to have a precise sitemap of your website. Additionally, you’ll be able to post that sitemap to the search engines to crawl your website. The RSS News tool will allow you to produce new content on your front page so you’ll get better chances to climb higher in search results. Moreover, we have built–in a GeoIP redirection tool that will help you target your site visitors a lot more precisely in line with their geographical area.

A Sitemap Generator

A sitemap application bundled straight into your Website Control Panel

If you have just recently brought out your web site and need it to be scanned a lot faster by the the search engines, or if you need to give your users an easy method to navigate through all your webpages, then you need to utilize a sitemap. Sitemap can be described as a set of all the webpages on your web site that are linked to. In most cases, you have to make use of third–party instruments to get the job done, but with Ants Partner Cloud Web Hosting, you have access to a Sitemap Generator incorporated right into the Website Control Panel.

The Sitemap Generator we offer is definitely user friendly and because it’s 100% compatible with our cloud cloud website hosting platform – your web site is going to be scanned very quickly.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Quick location–based re–directions

Ants Partner Cloud Web Hosting offers a straightforward instrument, which will help you to sort the customers of your site depending on their country. For example, with the GeoIP redirection instrument, you can quickly send all the site visitors coming from Spain towards the Spanish version of your web site if you’ve got such. This will help you focus on your users a lot more precisely and supply them with the online stay they anticipate.

No special abilities or special experience are needed to work with the GeoIP re–direction tool, and you no longer need to use .htaccess files to complete the job.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Present the most up–to–date headlines on your website

What is actually RSS? RSS can be described as a method for posting and gathering website content. It is being widely used by information sites, individual weblogs, newscasts, and so on. The published information is easily gathered by an RSS reader and afterwards displayed to the user. Using RSS, customers may collect announcements from many different web sites and read them in one location.

With our RSS News Publication tool, you can quickly integrate media feeds coming from some of the world’s most favored news portals and demonstrate them within your web site.

RSS News